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Security Planning, Policy & Procedures to Keep Your Campus Moving Forward

Having a plan is powerful

More than 120 Million people are in a church somewhere every Sunday morning…

More than 25% on the population is attending school in America Monday through Friday each week….

Yet, I find that these are the areas in the community that we are the least prepared and the most vulnerable. A simple fire alarm in a church service can cause chaos when staff and members are unsure what actions should immediately be taken. A suspicious person taking pictures of exterior doors of a school often could leave untrained staff unsure what actions should be taken.

We take an all hazards approach in drafting standard everyday security procedures and emergency operation planning. Negative events can impact a campus from many directions. We assist churches and schools in all aspects of planning, prevention and mitigation of negative events.

We have the resources to keep your campus moving forward. So whether you are an established church with systems already in place to a startup church or school that is planning from the very beginning stages.

“Many of the terrorism related events that most churches or schools face are events that the staff may have never thought possible. The threats to your financial stability and your staff’s lives can be traumatic. Even if the threats faced are not as big as a terrorism event.” –Dale Brooks, Consultant & Owner


So You Can FOCUS on What's Important

Consulting Services

Our mission is to assist you in creating security procedures, guidelines, and emergency operation plans that can help you identify threats and how to stop threats from becoming bigger.

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Complete thorough onsite facility assessments, development of security procedures, policies, emergency operation plans and staff training.

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Custom Packages

Let us help fill in the missing pieces. We offer custom packages to churches and schools based on their individual security and campus needs.

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I offer seminars and speaking on campus security. I’ll tailor the program to maximize topics and information fitting your audience.

Keep Your Campus Moving Forward


As a church consultant, I combine a decade of being a professional firefighter with years of counter-terrorism and intelligence training through state and federal agencies. I have instructed fire, police and city government in counter terrorism, responding to bomb incidents and profiling suicide bombers. I am also the security director for a mega church with multiple locations. This provides our clients with thousands of hours of government experience in real life scenarios as well as knowledge of the complex dynamics of running a church or school campus.

I developed a series of videos for Lifeway’s Ministry Grid for safety and security in the church. I’m an instructor for the Department of Homeland Security in both Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents and Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings. My education also includes but isn’t limited to training and classes in Initial Law Enforcement Response To Suicide Bombing Attacks, Response to Radiological Incidents, Exercising Continuity Plans for Pandemics, Advanced Explosives and Terrorist Activities, Recognition of and Response to Biological and Chemical Agents and Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools. I’m also a member of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators.


We Provide Systems And Strategies For Campuses Of All Sizes

If you are having issues on your campus or want a better plan, get in touch with us.

Be In The Know

Giving you tips, advice and strategies for security on your campus.

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